Live & Thrive at Home
Live & Thrive at Home
Individuals & Families

Through accessibility modifications like wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, and walk in tubs, we help people in the St. Louis area to live and thrive at home, giving their caregivers peace of mind.

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Healthcare Payers

We work to achieve higher quality of life and accessibility with the goal of independent living resulting in better financial value.

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Safe Patient Handling

We specialize in accessibility solutions and safe patient handling equipment for long-term care communities, skilled nursing and residential care in the St. Louis area.

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Our Process. Our Promise.

We chose our name, Promise Home Works, because we strive to be more than just an accessibility construction company. Our business is founded with a heartfelt devotion to therapeutic solutions that treat the whole person. We’re able to meet needs that go far beyond simply installing and modifying homes.




Build / Install


Ongoing Support

We LISTEN to you and share our experience in solving challenges like yours.
We design a comprehensive solution based on a CLINICAL EVALUATION of your home and needs.
Our experts PERFORM other prescribed modifications to your home and install the necessary equipment to make everyday life at home safer and easier.
Our professional occupational therapists STAY IN TOUCH with you, watching for changing needs or further recommendations for your highest quality of life.
We work with INNOVATIVE equipment manufacturers and the best construction PROFESSIONALS to make staying in your own home safe, comfortable and ready for aging in place.

What Our Clients Say

“After the modifications recommended and performed by Promise Home|Works, my mother feels more secure and safe from falling accidents in her home. Prior to their work she was considering independent living at a cost of $5,000 per month.”- Don K.
“I wanted to thank you again for the excellent service that Promise Home|Works provided. The shower looks great and the project was on-time. Aside from the quality of work received, it was the friendliness and professionalism that Promise offered that we really appreciated. My Grandfather was very excited to be able to take his first shower in quite some time”- Ben Z.
“Joy Garton (Occupational Therapist) and Promise Home|Works worked very hard to ensure that we had the right plan to safely and efficiently remain in our home. I wanted to be able to bring my husband home and take care of him here... and now I can. Without the overhead ceiling lift that Joy recommended we would still be in the hospital.”- Cathy B.
After the construction recommended and performed by Promise Home|Works she feels more secure and safe from falling accidents in her home. Prior to their work she was considering “independent living” at a cost of just under $5,000/month.- Millie's Family Member
In January of 2015, we met Joy Garton and Promise. My husband’s Parkinson's was beginning to make it difficult to get him out of bed. In fact it took two of us, which wasn’t always possible since I was the main caregiver in our home. Joy quickly saw the need for something better, and encouraged us to look into the ceiling lift system. I have been so thankful for that ceiling lift system ever since. It gives me independence. I can now get my husband in and out of bed by myself and it is easy. He is always well positioned and comfortable in the wheel chair - not slouched or crooked. Our track has an extra bonus in that it also goes around a corner into the bathroom and can either be lowered over the toilet or into the shower. The biggest help from this system is the independence it gives me to be able to care for Bob by myself and it is comfortable and safe for him. I still have 4 or 5 hours of help several days a week but the rest of the time we are just fine; the two of us.- Marie