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Tub-To-Shower Conversions
Tub-To-Shower Conversions
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Tub to Shower Conversions in St. Louis

Tub to shower conversions address the greatest fall risk in the home which is stepping over the tub wall. As part of the installation process, Promise Home Works will completely remove your tub and install a shower pan that is low enough to easily step into or roll into with a wheelchair. Other terms used to describe roll-in showers include barrier-free showers, curbless showers and zero-entry or zero-barrier showers.

Here in St Louis, we run into a lot of tubs that are cast iron and weigh hundreds of pounds. We cut these out, with as little impact to your home as possible, and remove the walls around the tub. Removal of the tub walls is necessary to remove the tub itself. We never “bath wrap” or “cover up” existing tub structures and the proper removal and installation process is not something that can be “done in one day”, as other companies claim. Our goal is to do it right and create something that will make bathing easier for our customers and also last for many, many years.

Our St. Louis customers don’t want their bathrooms to look “institutional”, so another option for turning a tub setup into a shower is to create a sloping tile floor that has a trench drain. This type of installation makes the shower area open and curbless, as well as flow well with the design of the bathroom space.

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Tub-to-Shower Conversion Reviews

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Loved working with this company. They were on time, polite and each day cleaned up. I'm loving my remodeled bathroom! The new shower is much easier for my husband to master with his health conditions. Thank you Promisehomeworks!

Phyllis Easterbrook

Your Tub to Shower Conversion Details

Installation Time Frame: 4 to 6 weeks
Dimensions: Typically, a tub to shower conversion is custom fit to the space of the existing tub area. However, this can be modified to be a bit larger than the tub in most situations.
Warranty: One year service and product warranty
Home Assessment: Our Certified Environmental Access Consultant (CEAC) will come out and assess the project and provide a proposal. All our crews are employees of Promise Home Works, not subcontractors, and are fully insured.
Materials: Customers can select his or her shower walls to be tile, acrylic or Onyx, depending on preference.

Benefits of Converting Your Tub to a Shower

Being able to easily and confidently access the shower is important for daily routines, personal hygiene and overall health. Some of the benefits of converting your tub to a shower include:
  • Fall prevention
  • Stability when stepping into the tub or shower
  • Stability when walking through an area with a tripping hazard, a threshold, a short step, an entranceway, etc.
  • Being able to stay safe in your own home and shower independently
  • Minimizing the risk of falls that can occur when attempting to step over the tub wall
  • Having a beautiful bathroom that you can enjoy, while also know that you have a safe way to shower which doesn’t require lifting your leg over anything
In regards to more specific, clinical applications, tub to shower conversions can be helpful for:
  • People who use a wheelchair
  • People who are recovering from surgery
  • People who have problems with mobility due to weakness relating to muscular, nerve, cognitive or other degenerative diseases
  • People who are aging

How a Tub to Shower Conversion is Installed

For most St. Louis homes, turning a tub into a shower involves removing the tub and installing a new system that fits in the exact footprint of the old tub. In order to complete the installation process, we:
  • Remove the tub and the tub walls
  • Rerun the hot and cold water lines to install a new, single handle shower valve
  • Install blocking behind all the walls for any future grab bar support that may be needed for the customer
  • Install the shower pan of your choice – the options include: low profile, zero-entry, curbless, barrier-free or sloping tile floor with a trench drain
  • Install the shower walls of your choice – the options include: acrylic, Onyx or tile
  • Install any optional items, such as soap dishes, a shower curtain, shower doors, etc. that the customer may need for functionality and/or for aesthetics

What other home modifications are typically installed along with a tub to shower conversion?

During the remodeling process of installing a tub to shower conversion, we always assess other safety concerns in the home. Grab bars are pivotal in preventing falls, inexpensive and easy to install, so we typically recommend installing them, both in the bathroom and in other areas of the house, while our crews are in the home.

Other items that may be installed in conjunction with a tub to shower project include new flooring in the bathroom, a roll under sink, a new vanity, or a modification to the existing sink setup. We, many times, also perform other home modification services throughout the home, including wainscoting (also known as paneling), door widening, stair lift installation, wheelchair ramp installation and removing carpet to install wheelchair-friendly flooring.

Our main objective is to keep our customers safe and in their own home for life! Our knowledge, expertise and, most importantly, care for our customers, help us to achieve this objective.