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Walk-in Tubs
Walk-in Tubs
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Walk-In Tubs in St. Louis

Are you looking to install a walk-in tub in your bathroom or in the bathroom of a loved one? We, at Promise HomeWorks, help individuals, families, caretakers and service providers in the St. Louis and surrounding areas with their bathroom modification needs. An entire bathroom remodel is not always necessary and we can help you determine your needs. We can usually even install a walk-in tub in the same footprint of your old tub or shower.

We understand the importance of bathroom safety, as well as the need to feel confident and at ease when using a tub for bathing or soaking. Our walk-in tubs can serve as ideal solutions for seniors, people with disabilities and people undergoing various therapies, including athletes.

We understand that the thought of bathing in a tub can be scary for people who have trouble with mobility. That is why we are here – to find the solution that is appropriate for you, install everything for you and show you exactly how to use it.

Promise Home Works truly cares about the long-term success and health of our customers and we promise to provide a quality installation experience and unmatched customer service. One of the reasons we’ve become such experts in the St. Louis area is because we strive to provide a safe, and aesthetically pleasing, bathroom modification that does not have a clinical look, but rather has a modern or classic home appearance. We do whatever is necessary to keep you safe at home, while also maintaining the style and beauty of your personal space.

Deep walk-in tub next to bathroom sink
Walk-in tub with hand-held shower hose
Deep walk-in tub with door open

Your Walk-In Tub Installation Details

Installation Time Frame: 2 to 4 days
Dimensions: A walk-in tub can be ordered to match your existing tub’s footprint
Weight Capacity: Up to 500 pounds
Warranty: One-year labor and material warranty
Home Assessment:Our certified home assessment consultant will review your project and provide a free proposal. If you decide to move forward, our operations team will immediately contact you to discuss the job perimeters and time frame.

Benefits of a Walk-In Tub

Due to its versatility, there are several unique benefits that a walk-in tub has to offer. Walk-in tubs can:
  • Lower the risk of injury
  • Provide easy tub entrances and exits
  • Provide a comfortable and practical bathing solution for those who cannot stand up long enough to take a shower
  • Provide confidence to people who have trouble lifting their legs over the walls of traditional bathtubs
  • Help make people feel safe and at ease while bathing
  • Allow people to remain living in their homes independently
  • Provide a solution for those seeking the benefits of soaking and/or hydrotherapy
  • Provide relaxation and relieve stress
In regards to more specific, clinical applications, walk-in tubs can:
  • Help in easing muscle relaxation for those who suffer from various types of chronic pain (such as neck and back pain), injuries, aches or spasms
  • Help those who suffer from the effects of Parkinson’s disease
  • Soothe arthritis
  • Ease bathing for those who have recently undergone surgery and rehabilitation
  • Serve as a supplement to those undergoing physical therapies, including athletic-related treatments

How to Use a Walk-In Tub in Eight Easy Steps

1.  A walk-in tub has a door built into it, so that you can step into the tub through the door without having to step over a high tub wall.
2.  Once inside and seated, you should ensure that the door is closed and sealed tight.
3.  You can then fill up the tub with water (of a comfortable and safe temperature) while remaining seated inside.
4.  Have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, a washcloth and/or any other personal hygiene items nearby for easy access and use.
5.  Make sure to keep a non-slip bath mat or towel at the entry point of the walk-in tub to avoid injury.
6.  Keep all electronics away from the walk-in tub.
7.  Have your towel and/or robe nearby for easy access and use.
8.  Once you are finished using the tub, the water can be drained within 30 seconds

Using a Walk-In Tub and a Floor Lift Together

A walk-in tub can be built on top of a platform that will allow the individual to be rolled into the tub via a floor lift. This platform structure supports the tub and also allows the feet of the floor lift to go underneath the tub. This type of build is meant to allow the floor lift to reach entirely into the tub so that the individual can be lowered by the floor lift onto the seat inside the walk-in tub.

What other home modifications are typically installed along with a walk-in tub?

Promise Home Works recommends coupling a walk-in tub installation with grab bars for both the tub area, as well as the area near the toilet. Grab bars can help offer balance and confidence to people when moving around their bathrooms for bathing and toileting. The great news is that we can install the grab bars at the same time that we install your walk-in tub for a seamless accessible bathroom setup. In addition to grab bars, many of our customers also seek a shower solution to complement their tubs. We offer walk-in showers, also known as roll-in showers, for people who would like both a bath and a shower option as part of their accessible bathroom plan. Finally, customers may want to modify the walls around their new walk-in tub with tile or Onyx. This can add a very nice look to the overall scheme of your bathroom.