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Ceiling Lifts
Ceiling Lifts
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Ceiling Lifts in St. Louis – We can install a ceiling lift in your home!

Ceiling lifts, also known as ceiling tracks or ceiling track systems, are practical solutions for both patients in facilities, as well as individuals living at home who need the assistance of a ceiling lift to move to and from various rooms and areas.

The installation of ceiling track systems are becoming more and more prevalent in the St. Louis area. What was once a very clinical and institutional product, can now be placed directly in the home. Ceiling lifts are installed by securing the tracking system into the ceiling structure and the tracks can run anywhere that the customer specifies, space permitting, including through doorways and halls.

Home Ceiling Lifts

Promise Home Works installs ceiling lifts throughout customers’ homes, allowing them access to their living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, showers and other rooms. Many times, people who are unable to get in and out of their beds need the power of a ceiling lift to transport them to and from their beds, wheelchairs, shower chairs and other locations and rooms.

Facility Ceiling Lifts

In addition to installing ceiling lifts in the homes of St. Louis customers, many local facilities, including rehab centers, assisted living facilities, adult day care centers and more are learning that installing ceiling track systems are key in keeping members of their staff safe and avoiding patient injuries. Promise Home Works is proud to offer ceiling lift installation services to these types of institutions, as well as educate users on how to operate the equipment to improve the safety standards for their care teams, as well as for patients.

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Ceiling Lift Reviews

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Your Ceiling Lift Details

Installation Time Frame: Approximately 4 to 6 weeks
Dimensions: Various sizes and configurations are available and customizable
Weight Capacity: 330 pounds and up to 600 pounds
Warranty: One-year service and product warranty
Assessment Process: Our Certified Environmental Access Consultant (CEAC) will assess your project in-person and provide a proposal
Ceiling lift system and track installed in a bedroom
Elderly woman sitting in sling of ceiling lift with occupational therapist assisting
Ceiling lift track that moves through a hallway that was custom built for the track

Benefits of a Ceiling Lift

  • Provides the individual with the ability to be mobile in their home or while staying at a facility
  • Our ceiling track systems are adaptable and can be configured in many ways to offer safe and convenient transfers
  • Provides ease of use for the person operating the system
  • Offers comfort and confidence for individuals who may have been insecure or uneasy about moving around from one room to another
  • Provides a much safer way for caregivers to help loved ones in and out of their beds and to and from various rooms and places in their homes
  • If the person needing the ceiling lift can also operate it him or herself, the functionality of the ceiling lift can provide additional time in the day for caregivers
In regards to more specific, clinical applications, ceiling tracks can help:
  • Those who are mobility-impaired due to bariatric problems or obesity
  • Those who have cognitive impairment, including forms of dementia, that prohibits walking and sitting up
  • Those who are immobile due to diseases of the nervous system or immune system
  • Those who are immobile due to surgery
  • Those who are paralyzed

Ceiling Lift Installation Basics

Ceiling tracks for ceiling lifts can be mounted in a variety of ways. In a clinical setting, the track systems are usually mounted above the drop ceiling, with only the bottom brackets and track remaining visible from below. There are very specific guidelines as to the fastening process that must be followed. Additionally, our ceiling lifts are weight-tested at a much heavier weight than the expected weight capacity prior to being certified as useable.

In the home setting, applications can vary. The ceiling tracks can sometimes be mounted directly to the ceiling and, other times, they may be mounted to metal struts which connect several truss members together as one unit. Similarly to the clinical application, the ceiling lift system is weight-tested before being used. Installation for both the clinical and in-home settings is predicated on the type of roof structure in the home.

What other home modifications are often installed with a ceiling lift?

When installing a ceiling track system, our occupational therapist will typically have already met with the customer to discuss his or her needs, as well as evaluated the home, and written up a report for the customer’s file. If the customer does have other needs that we can address, we will recommend a plan and can provide those services as well. For example, many times people who are immobile and need the assistance of a ceiling lift can also benefit from bathroom modifications, including tub-to-shower conversions or barrier-free showers (also known as roll-in showers), doorway widening, grab bars and wheelchair ramp installation.

We strive to provide anything an individual might require in order to stay in his or her own home – that is our objective. We’ve even built several room additions just to accommodate an individual’s needs. We truly put our clients needs first and have the expertise to take care of the home modification piece of their long-term care plans.