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Stair Lifts
Stair Lifts
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Stair Lifts – Installing in the St. Louis area

Are you looking to learn more about stair lifts – also known as chair lifts – and also interested in having a stair lift installed in your home? If so, Promise Home Works is the right company for you. We are proud to have amazing reviews from customers who had wonderful stair lift installation experiences with us. Complete the quick form on this page to get started on your stair lifts quote! Or you can continue reading below to learn all about stair lifts (or chair lifts), including their features, how we install them and the benefits to having one installed in your house.

Many St. Louisans struggle with getting up and down the staircases in their homes due to mobility problems that can stem from illness, disability, aging or other reasons. Promise Home Works contributes to St. Louis’ wonderfully supportive aging-in-place community by providing quality stair lift installation services so that customers can easily access all levels of their homes. Stair lifts are commonly referred to as “chair lifts” because the design typically requires that the user sit in a chair as he or she is being lifted or transferred between the various floors of the home by means of the home lift system. Stair lifts can also be referred to as home lifts or home stair lifts because they are often installed in people’s homes as a measure to empower and enable the individual or family to age in place in the home.

Promise uses top-rated, dependable Bruno® stair lifts. These stair lifts are custom-built for your home and your staircase. For example, if you have a curved or spiral staircase, our Bruno® stair lifts will be configured to accommodate the style and shape of those stairs. Additionally, Promise Home Works installs stair lift systems in both indoor and outdoor settings of the home. The Bruno® stair lift that Promise Home Works installs is a single-rail lift system that is built alongside the staircase of a home and is attached to the actual structure of the home which helps to ensure its dependability.

The ability to move about freely in one’s home highly enhances the quality of life, as well as provides an invaluable sense of independence and freedom. We take pride in providing Bruno® stair lifts to the people of St. Louis because we are helping people to continue to live in their homes safely and confidently as long as possible.

Woman sitting in the chair of Bruno stair lifts at the bottom of a staircase
Curved stair lift with beige seat on carpeted staircase with wood floor landing

Your Stair Lift Details:

Installation Time Frame: 3 to 5 hours depending on the complexity of the installation
Dimensions: 36 inch wide stairways are preferred, but our stair lifts fold up very neatly when not in use in order to allow other individuals in the home to continue to utilize the stairs (as little as 11 inches)
Weight Capacity: Standard models – 350 pounds; heavy duty models – up to 600 pounds
Warranty: One-year full-service and parts warranty
Education: We work with our customers, their caregivers and/or their families, post-installation, to ensure that all involved understand and feel comfortable with the features and safety mechanisms of the stair lift, as well as how to properly operate their new equipment.
Home Power Requirement: The motor requires a 15-amp dedicated outlet – which is readily available in most homes.

Features of Stair Lifts

  • Our stair lifts include a chair that the user sits in before engaging the lift to transfer him/her up or down the levels of the home.
  • A seat belt helps to ensure that the user is seated in the chair safely and securely.
  • A built-in footrest helps to prevent a user’s feet from dragging up the staircase. The stair lift’s footrest also provides leverage and balance.
  • The chair has a rocker switch that allows the user to change the position of the chair for comfort and seating preference.
  • A rail safety sensor helps to alert users if there is something obstructing the path of the chair as it makes its way up or down the rail system of the stair lift.
  • The stair lift chair’s swivel option allows the user to rotate the chair in accordance with his/her needs and comfort.
  • Our stair lift motors are maintenance-free and do not need to be lubricated.
  • A handheld remote allows the user to move the stair lift without being in the chair.

Benefit of Stair Lifts

  • Provides comfort, confidence and safety in getting up and down the stairs
  • Works to minimize risks of falling while walking up and down the stairs
  • Offers the ability to access all levels and rooms of the home
  • Can offer peace of mind to family members who may worry that a loved one could fall while stepping up or down a staircase in his or her home
  • In situations where users are bringing in groceries, doing laundry or related tasks, our remote control allows them to use the chair as a “helper” by calling the chair up or down
In regards to more specific applications, stair lifts can be helpful for:
  • Those who are mobility impaired
  • Those who rely on a wheelchair or walker to move around their homes
  • Those who experience immobility due to broken bones or sprained muscles
  • Those who have back pain and have trouble putting pressure on their legs
  • Those who need to move to a different level of their homes to evacuate in the event of an in-home emergency
  • Those who are undergoing physical therapy
  • Those who need hospice care
Bruno straight stairlift with empty chair ready at the bottom of staircase
Woman seated in chair of a stairlift talking with her husband
Woman sitting in the chair of a stairlift near the top of a staircase

What other home modifications are typically installed along with a stair lift?

Often times people who require the assistance of a stair lift can also benefit from other home modifications provided by Promise Home Works, including barrier-free showers, walk-in tubs, wheelchair ramps and more. We are here to help our customers feel confident while living in and moving about their homes. Our goal is to ensure that we do everything we can to make customers feel safe and comfortable at home through the use of adaptive equipment, support, education and quality service.

How is Promise Home Works qualified to install stair lifts in St. Louis?

Having installed over 100 stair lifts, Promise Home Works, on average, installs at least one stair lift per week. Our installation experience makes what can be a complex project very simple and hassle-free for our customers. We are a Handy Care Certified Installer and we truly care about the safety and well-being of our customers and their families. We have been providing St. Louisans with quality home accessibility and home modification services for years because we care about the members of our community and want to offer our specialized knowledge in a way that can help others.
Bruno for your independence