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Walk-In Showers
Walk-In Showers
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Walk-In Showers in St. Louis

Walk-in showers are one of Promise Home Works’ more commonly installed projects in the St. Louis area. A walk-in shower is a simple and beautiful solution for those who need a smooth and easy way to enter into their showers. Walk-in showers are also referred to as roll-in showers, barrier-free showers, curbless showers and zero-entry or zero-barrier showers.

We understand that being able to move about one’s home safely and with confidence is very important to both customers and their loved ones, so we work to ensure that we are installing reliable and practical equipment into our customers’ bathrooms and homes.

Walk-in showers alleviate the need for customers to step over a barrier in order to get into a traditional tub-like structure. This lifting of the leg can be cause for many falls and accidents in the home. A walk-in shower allows the user to simply walk straight into the shower or roll into the shower with a wheelchair so he or she can shower either standing up or seated in a shower chair.

In addition to providing ease of use, walk-in-showers can be built to look modern or more classic. This type of shower is a nice addition to any home remodel and works to keep people safe in their St. Louis homes for as long as possible.

You can estimate the cost of your walk-in shower using our pricing guide here: A Complete Guide to Walk-In Shower Pricing and Installation . Keep in mind that the various walk-in shower styles and materials will all affect your final price.

Promise Home Works
Walk-In Shower Reviews

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I wanted to thank you again for the excellent service that Promise Home Works provided. The shower looks great and the project was on-time. Aside from the quality of work received, it was the friendliness and professionalism that Promise offered that we really appreciated. My Grandfather was very excited to be able to take his first shower in quite some time.

Ben Z.

Roll-in shower with no curb and glass door
Barrier-free shower and toilet
Large roll-in shower with glass door

Your Walk-In Shower Details

Installation Time Frame: A walk-in shower can be completed in as little as a few days. When traditional tile is used, the time frame may increase to two to three weeks, depending on the complexity and size of the shower area.
Dimensions: A walk-in shower is custom built for the space of the bathroom and to meet the customer’s specifications.
Warranty: One year labor and material warranty
Home Assessment: It’s very important to have your home assessed by someone certified in home accessibility and safety. We offer a free home assessment – not only for the shower and bathroom area – but for the entire home.
Materials: Materials can be onyx, which has a lifetime warranty or a premanufactured system ordered to specifically fit the area of your shower. A “wet area” can also be created with tile, which is a beautiful, flowing floor that drains into either a trench drain, or multiple traditional drains.

Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers offer great benefits to our customers, including:
  • Being able to maintain a routine bathing schedule
  • Reducing the risk of a bathroom fall and subsequent injuries
  • Reducing the stress that fall risks can pose to customers and family members
  • Increasing bathroom safety and confidence in bathing independently
  • Those want an open floor plan in their bathrooms for both mobility and design
In regards to more specific, clinical applications, walk-in showers can be helpful for:
  • Those who use a wheelchair daily to move around their homes
  • Those who suffer from weakness that stems from muscular, nerve, cognitive or other degenerative diseases
  • Those who have recently undergone surgery
  • Those who are aging and cannot get into a tub on their own
  • Those who need assistance with bathing and other activities of daily living

Walk-In Shower Installation

St Louis homes are unique and varied in construction styles. Most people would be surprised to find that their existing bathroom floor could be two inches thick with poured mortar and tile. This was a very popular installation style in the 50’s and 60’s. When this is the case, a wet room may be more feasible. Once the extensive work of removing the old floor is completed, the floor is already at a lower level, eliminating the necessity of cutting down into the floor joist.

Whether you have a new home or one with the old style tile, a custom and barrier-free shower can be created. Also, if your existing tile is still in good shape, we can install a walk-in shower through using a low profile onyx, fiberglass, or acrylic shower pan.

There are also many options for the wall systems of your shower, including custom tile, onyx or acrylic.

What other home modifications are typically installed along with a walk-in shower?

While we’re creating a new walk-in shower, we normally install grab bars, soap dishes, personal shower wands on an adjustable sliding bar and shower benches.

Other updates available to the rest of the bathroom include; comfort height toilets, bathroom vanities, roll under sinks, folding grab bars, new lighting, vents, towel bars (which can look like towel bars, but are really grab bars) and medicine cabinets.

During our home safety assessment, we review the need for ramps at entrances, stair lifts, vertical platform lifts and handrails.